Date:       TBC 2106

Time:      11am – 1pm

Venue:    Pheonix Lane, Tiverton

Tiverton in Devon went crackers at the 3rd World Christmas Cracker Throwing Championship. The winning throw was a distance of 11.70 metres by 10 year old Elliott Hurrell who again travelled from Peterborough and was attempting to beat his own 13.57m world record set in 2013.

226 competitors from all ages tried all manner of techniques to hurl the cracker as far as possible down the town’s high street. One throw even seemed to hover mid air for for 5 seconds like a flying saucer.


Current Records

Winners 2015

Men (15 and over)
Women (15 and over)
Male Junior (4 to 14)
Female Junior (4 to 14)
Robert Pester      –  10.65m
Inder Gerdvilyte   –   8.90m
Elliott Hurrell        –  13.57m
Maddison Baker    –  9.00m
Ady Hurrell             –  10.4m
Sue Griggs               –    7.5m
Elliott Hurrell          –  11.7m
Maddison Baker    –    9.0m


Men, women and children in turn attempt to fling a christmas cracker as far as they can along a specially marked out course. The cracker that’s thrown the furthest in each category wins. Just like pulling a cracker the secret to success is in the technique and not power as any cunning child will tell you.

Elves, reindeers and Santa Claus’s can enter if not too busy!


1. Competitors must throw from a standing position. Javelin style run ups not permitted.
2. Official crackers will be supplied & each weighs 46 grams.
3. Anyone caught throwing cheese crackers will be disqualified.
4. Crackers must be thrown intact. Scrunching of crackers before throwing them is not permitted.
5. There is no restriction on how you throw the cracker, but it must be thrown with one hand only.
6. Competitors will be disqualified for: telling bad jokes, singing carols out of tune or pulling their crackers.
7. If competitors are tied for the winning distance there will be a cracker-chuck play off.