Date:   Sunday 21st June 2016

Venue: High Street, Burnham-On-Sea

Organised on behalf of Burnham-On-Sea & Highbridge Council

paper plane participants

Burnham-On-Sea high street was transformed into an airport for the day with hundreds of rookie pilots entering the second annual event. There were over 4200 throws recorded on the day, but the eventual winner Sam Clement, from nearby East Huntspill blew the competition away with a staggering distance of 34.3 metres, (the length of four double decker buses).

It was not all ‘plane’ sailing for the rest of the participants who had to contend with unpredictable wind often with hilarious results for the crowd as planes got stuck in doorways and on buildings. The new dimension of landing the paper aeroplane in a "golden square" to win a limited edition golden pilots badge kept many people with lesser throwing skills entertained with many having several attempts to achieve a successful landing.

The event attracted a fantastic cross section of age ranges with grandparents and parents entering alongside children. There was also a great turnout from families with many using the event as a fun opportunity to celebrate father’s day.

The free event is organised for Burnham and Highbridge Town Council with the aim of promoting the town centre and encouraging people to use the local shops.

World Paper Aeroplane Championship in action
World Paper Aeroplane Championship in action
World Paper Aeroplane Championship in action


1. Paper planes must only be constructed from one piece of the provided official paper; standard A4 format, not more than 100 grams.

2. The paper can be launched in any aeroplane form of your choice. Designs will be available to copy or use a style of your choice, the less 'boeing' the better!

3. Passing over the launch line will lead to an invalid attempt.

4. Competitors can feel free to add some authenticity to their throw with some background plane noise.

5. The longest distance will be measured with a standardised tape measure from the starting line to where the paper plane lands.