Date:    Saturday 21st November 2015

Venue: Green Man Pub, London. EC2R 8EJ

9th UK Rock Paper Scissors Championship is three hours of pure excitement, adrenaline and tension as 250 competitors battle through seven knockout rounds until only one ultimate winner remains – THE UK CHAMPION! Could it be YOU?. The grand prize is a cool £100 + trophy + bottle of champers – not to mention a bucket load of respect.

An epic final between Dan Tinkler & Rene Marston

RPS CHALLENGE – adds extra fun to your evening

RPS Challenge will again be played alongside the main championships, ensuring there are hundreds of games taking place all around the venue.

Players will all receive some RPS Challenge fun money as part of the entry fee. Simply choose an opponent, decide how much to wager and play. The winner walks away with the whole stake. Battles continue throughtout the event and whoever accumulates the highest cash stake by the end of the night wins overall and receives a £25 cash prize.

Festival/Corporate/Charity/Club RPS TOURNAMENTS

From Just £40

A Rock Paper Scissors tournament promises a unique experience which blends the right amounts of tension and excitement to ensure that everyone taking part has a really good time and will leave buzzing with enthusiasm and confidence.
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RPS CHALLENGE – From Just £32

RPS Challenge fun money will liven up an event and quickly get your guests chatting and laughing together. If you are looking for some entertainment to keep your guests amused before the dinner, band or disco, RPS Challenge will be an excellent addition to your event, with lots of rock paper scissors games going on around the room adding energy, excitement and vigour. Find out more Here


If you thought Rock Paper Scissors was a game of chance, think again! There are many ways to increase your chances of winning. Here are a few
1. Surprise your opponent – if you’re big, scary and muscular, throw paper
2. Wear fancy dress to confuse your opponent – i.e. a scissors themed fancy dress and throw paper.
3. Wear sunglasses – to prevent your opponent from studying your eyes
4. Try reverse psychology! – tell them what you are going to throw and let them figure out if you will
5. Scissors is statistically the least thrown – therefore paper is statistically the safest throw

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A Rock Paper Scissors tournament is fantastic for fundraising and great social entertainment for your club, business or school.

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Dan Tinkler

Will this be you in 2015?



Richard Gottfried, Luton

“Thanks, the event was everything I had hoped for, and then some!”

Emlyn Parks, London

“Awesome, we really enjoyed the fun, mesmerising competitions, and the chanting going on. See you next year.”

Victoria Curtis, Southampton

“There will be a group of us next time as we really enjoyed the randomness!”