This will not take place in 2020 due to Coronavirus

Weymouth hosts the Roarsome Dino Day, with an exciting mix of dinosaur related fun activities that will keep little explorers busy all day. The most exciting element for families to encounter will be a face to face with T-Rex Junior! Straight from Jurassic Park, this walking, eating, roaring dino, will thrill and, possibly, startle quite a few young explorers.

Plus lots of fun dino entertainment, including a Dino Quest, Dino Games with Wessex FM and a Dino Roar Competition.

Put on you Pith Helmet, dust off your magnifying glass and join in the fun!


There have been reported sightings of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex coming in from all over Weymouth. World renowned Professor Rex Stink of the National Dinosaurium and his team have travelled down to offer their expertise. Adventurous families can join in the search too if they dare!

So arm yourself with the Dino Quest Passport & Map. Then keep your prehistoric wits about you, while you come face to face with curious characters along the route. There are four Quest Challenge Points to visit in the town. You will encounter the mesmerising Miss Terri D’Actyl of the Magical Conservationist of Rare and Precious Things, make scary dinosaur masks, meet a Dinosaur and exchange facts with the incredibly potty Professor Rex Stink. Make sure you collect all four dinosaur stamps to validate your passport for a scrummy reward.

Share experiences and photos from your quest using ‘we are weymouth’.


Evil mad scientist Dr Destruction has stolen the very rare Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur egg from the National Dinosaurarium. He has seized the opportunity to confuse the recovery team, by hiding the egg in Weymouth, whilst a collection of replica dinosaur eggs is being displayed in businesses around town. Professor Rex Stink and his colleagues have been searching all over Weymouth for this extremely valuable egg and therefore really need your help to find it.

Navigate the trail by solving clues. Remember to keep your eyes wide open to spot the answers to four special dinosaur facts, which are cunningly hidden with the dinosaur eggs. The cheeky Dr Destruction has left a riddle in the window of the last egg, and is convinced it cannot be cracked! Solve the riddle to discover the location of the hidden the T-Rex egg.