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Slide The best night out of the year. You won't have more fun anywhere. Paul Knight, St Albans Slide Loved it sooooooo much and it looks like everyone else did as it sold out in 2017. Rachel Emond, Milton Keynes Slide Great event!! Will be there next year. Recommended to anyone who wants a different night. William Harding, Leicester Slide There will be a group of us next time as we really enjoyed the randomness! Victoria Curtis, Southampton Slide I had a really good time, it’s so funny. I will come next year and bring with me the 2017 Swedish Champion. Robert Tennevik, Sweden


If you thought Rock Paper Scissors was a game of chance, think again! There are many ways to increase your chances of winning. Here are a few;

1. Surprise your opponent – if you’re big, scary and muscular, throw paper/

2. Wear sunglasses – to prevent your opponent from studying your eyes

3. Try reverse psychology! – tell them what you are going to throw & let them figure out if you will