A fun sports challenge with a difference. It’s all about giving it a go and trying out a new form of exercise to get fit or lose weight.

UK Backward Run
A timed run with the possiblity to become UK Champion! How fast can you run backwards?

UK Backward Team Challenge
Invite friends to join you in this exciting group challenge

Backward Fun Run
Run backward without racing & raise money for charity

Entry fee includes a medal, timing, bottle of water and a training pack and opportunity to participate in the UK’s most unusual running race.

Training and Preperation

Ideally you should start training as soon as possible, running backwards twice a week. Training tips and advice will be emailed to you when you enter. Share your tips for training via our Facebook page

Is the UK Backward Run Safe?

Any sport has its risks, but this race is taking place in traffic free Heaton Park. The paths are 5 metres wide, so there is plenty of space for all backward runners, plus there will be ample signs and race marshals warning when to turn a corner. All we do recommend is that all entrants train for the event.

It may sound like a daft thing to do, but taken seriously backward running can be a potent weapon in your training and research in 2012 has shown that it has massive potential in areas of fitness, well-being and rehabilitation. If you’re looking to reduce the risk of injury, want a stronger more balanced lower body, a fabulous cardiovascular workout, better posture, are looking to lose weight or an exercise to aid rehabilitation, backward running could be for you. We have compiled 100 reasons to give the sport a go.

We challenge you not to find at least 5 reasons to give backward running a go. In 1981 Dr Robert K Stevenson concluded that, “Anyone seriously interested in improving their athletic performance, physical condition and outlook in life would do well to take a closer look at backwards running and its benefits.”

    1. For a starting point, the basic technique is to keep your shoulders over your feet
    2. Hold your arms close and low to the body
    3. Push off from the balls of your feet and avoid lifting your feet too far off the ground i.e. skim the surface and letting your heels very slightly kiss the ground.
    4. It helps initially to run with a partner who runs forward and acts as your guiding eyes.

Try It! The first thing you will notice is that the motion will feel smoother and less jarring and you will be running taller with a healthier posture. Once you grow confident, you can start to lengthen your stride and add some speed.

Turn your back on sport and Give Backward Running a Go!

UK Backward Run

Heaton Park, Manchester

NO Races in 2014

The UK Backward Run is the ONLY fun running experience of its kind in the world. All participants need to have a sense of humour and enjoy good camaraderie.

There are backward challenges available for all levels from beginners to fitness enthusiasts, and YOU may even become the UK CHAMPION!

Our one mile course record is a staggering 6 mins 58 secs. Could you beat this?


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