RPS Challenge

RPS Challenge will liven up an event and quickly get your guests chatting and laughing together.

If you are looking for some entertainment to keep your guests amused before the dinner, band or disco, RPS Challenge will be an excellent addition to your event, with lots of rock paper scissors games going on around the room adding energy, excitement and vigour.

You can even make your event more unique by having your very own custom designed Fun Money notes. These add to both the sense of occasion and make a novel souvenir. The fun money, (example on the right) usually has a picture or a company logo on it, who the occasion is for, the date and location of the event.

Alternatively RPS Challenge can be used as a great fundraising event. You can raise money whilst your guests enjoy an evening of amazing fun and incredible entertainment.

How to Play RPS Challenge

RPS Challenge is so simple to organise and run. Give your guests a set amount of fun money and then send them off to challenge other guests around the room to a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Players decide how much to wager and play. The winner walks away with the stake. Whoever accumulates the biggest cash stake by the end of the night wins overall and usually receives a prize suited to the occasion.

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