RPS Nights for Parties and Entertainment

Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is superb fun for any occasion and any age audience, whether it’s a birthday celebration, a Christmas party, an informal or formal dinner party, an office party, a children’s party, a team get-together, an awards ceremony, or a presentation night, RPS will definitely liven up the whole event!

RPS Championships are fantastic entertainment for all your guests and can easily be run in a hotel, at your club, your pub, or anywhere else. Everyone becomes totally involved, in fact they have so much fun that you will see responsible adults behave like children within a matter of minutes. Your guests are incentivized to win prizes which adds to the excitement and enthusiasm of the players.

If you are just looking for some side entertainment to keep your guests amused before the dinner, band or disco, RPS Challenge will be an excellent addition to your event.

RPS Challenge offers a perfect icebreaker and quickly gets people chatting and laughing together with lots of rock paper scissors side games playing all around the room at one time. You can even make your event more unique by having your very own custom designed Fun Money notes. These add to both the sense of occasion and amusement of an event, and make a novel souvenir for your special celebration.

Getting Started!

Choosing Your RPS Pack:

Timings: Think how long the entertainment should last. The RPS Championships will last up to 2 hours, whilst RPS Challenge can run from 1 hour up to 90 minutes and is easily played alongside other entertainment or the RPS Championship.

Personalisation level: For a special occasion choose the RPS Challenge where you can personalise your fun money with an image, message and date. You can choose either £100 or £250 stake money for your guests.

Pack Type: Choose to receive our professionally printed packs ‘RPS Standard Pack’ or ‘RPS Favourite Pack’, (which includes RPS Challenge). Alternatively the ‘RPS Promotional Pack’ is instantly downloadable for you to print yourselves, (it’s so easy to use with everything needed to run a successful event) and is preferred by some small events with 64 people or less.

Finally consider . . . .

Fundraising: If your event is planned for a significant audience (of say 64 or more) you could easily cover the cost of your event and raise a small amount for charity at the same time by having a Fundraising event with everyone donating a pound to play.

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