RPS Corporate Entertainment

Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) Championships and RPS Challenge are fantastic entertainment for corporate parties, conferences, team building, award ceremonies, fundraisers and product promotion.

RPS Championships create a fun competitive atmosphere and get everyone involved. Whether playing as individuals or teams, there is always lots of friendly banter and guests leave the event buzzing with enthusiasm and confidence.

RPS Challenge can be played as extra entertainment for your guests alongside the RPS Championship, (see ‘RPS Favourite Pack’) or can be used as an event on its own. This is a perfect way to get your guests laughing and chatting together and livens up the whole event through bustle, vigour and excitement.

To make your event even more special, add personalised fun money or turn the event into a fundraising opportunity. There are few better ways of building rapport and getting your staff to interact. Be sure to purchase a RPS Championship Pack for your next corporate hospitality event!

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How to Play RPS Challenge
Players use fun money to challenge others around the room to a game of RPS, with the winner walking away with the stake. The person with the largest pile of money at the end of the night is the winner and usually wins a prize.

Choosing your RPS Pack:

Timing: Think how long the entertainment should last.

Personalisation level: The RPS Challenge Packs enable you to personalise the fun money with your company logo and event details. There is also an option to order either £100 or £250 stake money, enabling you to cater for any size event.

Pack Type: Choose to purchase our professionally printed packs, ‘RPS Standard Pack’ or ‘RPS Favourite Pack’ or select the ‘RPS Promotional Pack’ which is instantly downloadable, for you to print yourselves and contain everything needed to run a successful event.

Finally consider . . . .

Fundraising: If your event is planned for a significant audience, (of say 64 or more) you could easily cover the cost of your event and raise a small amount for charity at the same time by having a Fundraising event with everyone donating a pound to play.