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Sportingbet wanted to sponsor an experience that was unique to their brand and could offer a platform to engage with potential customers through social media, pr and face to face communications.



The Sportingbet UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships a fun and engaging event was hosted in central London in 2011, targeting the 20 – 39 year olds.

We built a Twitter and Facebook page to promote the event, with 10 new amusing rps messages, which demanded to be spread online added every day. Celebrities, journalists and London centric websites were targeted to retweet about the event.

We also collaborated with Princess Productions to create a segment in Live With Gabby on Channel 5.



The overall response from the competitors who attended was that it was ‘a really fun atmosphere,’ and many wanted to bring along more friends next year. Two weeks after the event competitors still had a 100% recall of Sportingbet as the title sponsor.

The event also created immense talkability online with over 150 tweets generated, 5 blog posts, 18 Youtube videos downloaded, plus features on Yahoo, Msn and TNT magazine.

There were also 5 radio interviews with the winner including Radio 5 Live, World Service and BBC Radio Berkshire.


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